Attention …..Inspector General …cough, cough

Thought I would give you a little more to investigate …….

Ooops….A taxpayers group gave you all the proof of this fraud last year…
Janurary 26, 2012 to be exact.

What have you done ? NOTHING !
Nothng since those that “exposed” the fraud have never been contacted after turning over all the evidence to you .
But, YOU were quite concerned how the tax group was able to obtain the information.
HELLO…..Inspector Gadget….Isn’t that what you are being paid to do ?
The info given to YOU was “turned over” by the town thorugh filing an FOI.
But, oddly when another FOI was more recently submitted by the same tax group they received a response from the town that no records, data, etc. exists.
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I have learned this to be false..more on this later.

Let me refresh your memory………..

As your know your Boss Larry Dominick has faced numerous depositions. Mostly over his sexcapades. But there have been depositions regarding “whistle blower” suits .

Under oath, family members of Larry and employees of Superior Sewer Solutions testified that your Boss Larry was the owner of the company. According to the deps. ,the front man for Larry was a “patsy” named George Hunter. You might have read about him in the Sun-Times for buying Larry’s old house at an INFLATED price AFTER the town certified to the mortgage broker that he would be making big money in the town.
You might also recall that the company was not state licensed or bonded to protect the Town from this fraud.

Amazingly, this company received a NO BID contract from your Boss…..The town has paid almost $2 million from the general fund and another $150,000.00 from restricted TIF funds.

Does any of this sound familiar ? Ring any bells ? No? Let me continue……

Not only did the group give you “records” but they gave you pictures of the shoddy workmanship . ( posted ) According to town records Larry’s sewer company did 5,750 water meter rings throughout the town .

Of course your Boss Larry had the payments approved through the water commission board that he appointed . To date, no board minutes or reports have been produced to show why payments should have been made without inspections and verification of the work .

I’m told that after the Feds started “sniffing” around the company ceased billing the town… more water ring work ! Imagine that !

But…..two seniors that were advised by Senior Services to call the town regarding their sewer problems were directed by an employee of the Town Water Dept. to call George Hunter who is now operating under a different name.

Surely….something rings a bell now !

F.Y.I……..Hunter admitted under oath that he has never filed any taxes on their “windfall” and that employees were never given any type of info to file on their taxes. Everything was done strictly with cash. And employees were more often than not, paid at the home Larry shared with his mother on Austin Blvd.and the phone number for the business was also at the same location !

“Patsy” Hunter has told friends that, he knows he’s going to jail but doesn’t know for how long. I would assume he fears Larry since Larry put a gun in his mouth and threatened to kill him if he cheated him out of any money…( Two witnesses on this scary event )
And…..your Boss Larry boasted that he didn’t care..told one of his brothers that the Feds act slow and by the time they get him, he’ll be dead. I’m sure that the recently indicted buddy of Larry’s ,former Crook county commissioner and Larry appointee Mario Moreno thought the same thing !

I’m thinking I struck some memory bell….

Since you do not have any authority to file criminal charges …surely you have covered your “ars” by forwarding all info to the feds, state atty or atty general’s office ………But then again ….the issue with stolen town property, and the missing “fuel” has been securely swept under the rug……Guess since the election is in a few weeks you can resume your non – investigative duties after.

Sweep…..Sweep…..Sweep !

Paper and proof!

Paper and proof!

Larry's Sewer Cover

Larry’s Sewer Cover

A non-cicero, non-Larry sewer cover....see a difference?

A non-cicero, non-Larry sewer cover….see a difference?

15 Responses to "$2 Million Fraud against the Cicero residents ? ! ?"
  1. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    I guess Larry did not pay any taxes on the money either. Larry’s brother said he told the IRS criminal investigator that Larry was the tax man and his rate of taxes are higher than the governments. I guess Larry is not so dumb after all…he has outfoxed the IRS and the FBI … they are as impotent in this matter as Larry is in other matters it appears.

    • Mo says:

      A sad case of CRS (can’t remember shit) wink They have medical coverage where these guys are headed better start taking some of those cover thy ass pills quick. Excellent coverage Betty, all I can say is Va ‘Room the bus is on its way. Not a moment to soon!!!

  2. Betty says:

    Mo…… Thanks !

    I have just started …..there’s enough “stuff” to write for months !

    Most difficult “thing” is trying to get FOI’s responded to ..takes them weeks and weeks …some even months to reply….many requests that are denied are appealed to the atty general’s office …..there are times that the atty. gen. demands the town to release the documents….and the town even ignores the atty gen. !!! So much for open government.

    And, despite guidelines and timelines for a reponse..the town pays little or no attention to the rules.

    This is the new Cicero !!!

  3. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    Larry’s brother told me that the reason he put the gun in Hunter’s mouth is because Larry does not shoot very well. He had failed his shooting test a couple times when he was a cop and they think someone else took it for him just like we heard happened with his sergeants test…he could not pass it on his own! Actually, he was sending a message to Hunter about what might happen if he ever caught Hunter cheating him out of money on the sewer business the way Hunter’s former partner cheated Larry. He used to get two checks from some customers, one made out to him as a salesman and one to the company and only turn in the one to the company. From what his brother says Larry reminds him of Barney Fife…the deputy of Mayberry…similar in every way except weight. If you remember Barney had to carry the one bullet he was allowed to have in his pocket! Larry had to put the gun in his mouth to make sure he would not miss!!! You can’t make this stuff up and anyway most of what the brothers have said has been proven true and LArry has never called them liars. If they wrote stuff about me that was untrue that could put you in jail, wouldn’t you come out and call them liars? Most would.We’re waiting Larry.

  4. joel serrano says:

    no not Larry the best thing to happen to Cicero! he is an outstanding caring guy! hahahahahahaaaa i must have to much sugar…in my blood ….according to ray the lire hanenia Larry is the best thing that happened to cicero!! yea right! and pigs can fly! then again … never mind anyway …. Larry should be impeached if he in fact lied under oath….

    which brings me to this question besides been removed from office through election lost can the town president be removed for commiting pergury! is there such a way?

  5. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    Joel…they can get him for official misconduct. It is too bad they can’t get him for being stupid. That would be the easiest.

  6. Betty says:

    Actually according to witnesses and evidence in depositions and the electoral hearings he did commit perjury …..on the witness stand in a federal case also…but…I am told only a prosecutor can file perjury charges……BUT, an atty that knows of perjury must report it to the proper authorities , with proof for prosecution …in the perjury instance in the electoral hearings the “allegations” would be sent to the state atty’s office ………….do you really think that anything will happen ?
    Jorgy is right …..official misconduct …..the same “term” Larry’s OWN atty mentioned at the electoral hearings .

  7. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    Why don’t the challenger’s lawyers report it then?

  8. Betty says:


    Maybe they did …or …maybe they are waiting for the “case” to be completed ….

    Don’t know why the attys on the depositions in federal court did not do the same …..

    In my case… was proven that this one guy lied on the witness stand….the fed prosecutor did not press for perjury charges cuz it was THEIR witness !
    My atty a drinking buddy with them…..said they were all laughing that night at the bar thinking how they were going to clean up the guys lies !!!!!! So much for justice !

  9. Issac Maez says:

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  10. Jovan Mostyn says:

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