Cicero election brings the “eye” of David Orr ….

The upcoming election in Cicero has caught the eye of clerk David Orr…..and that will be a  good thing if those responsible for “illegal” voter registration are prosecuted. I’m told that during one election for president ( mayor ) that there were many “false” registrations . Yesterday on my facebook page a big supporter of [...]


Former Gov George Ryan has already left the half way house . Despite his expected stay of 6 months  at the Salvation Army where ALL inmates are ordered to stay he was allowed to go to his home in Kankakee. Ummmmmmmmm  

Thompson on Ryan……Penitentiary ???

Former Gov. Ryan left a satellite prison CAMP not a penitentiary…..The penitentiary is the highest form of security in the Bureau of Prisons. The CAMP he left at apparently 12:01 am to avoid the throng of supporters entered the Salvation Army half way house on Ashland about 7 this morning. I am sure Ryan will find [...]

Suppelsa for Governor !

Most “lead ins” to Channel 9 WGN news shows State Representative Cross  praising the work of the Tribune and the work of Suppelsa for “exposing” the pension crisis…………Where in the heck has Cross and others been for the last several years that it takes the media to to bring it to their attention? Where is the [...]

Remember Miriam Santos ? ……..Belly-Up ?

Miriam Santos  was the Chicago City Treasurer who was pressuring government vendors to contribute to a campaign fund – or else. Miriam was found guilty of extortion among other things and was removed from office and sent to a prison camp for 6 months. Larry Dominick campaign advisor Ray Hanania, who was also a Miriam [...]

Former Gov.Ryan to “Hit” the Halfway house …….

Former Gov. George Ryan is reported to leave the federal prison camp this week. I am sure the exact time will be a secret to avoid the throng of reporters that show up to cover his “return” . When George first decided to run for governor he contacted me for  the support of our political organization. [...]

Attacking Marin and “Duping” Goudie…… Bad Move !

Seems that X-Ray Hanania , the mouthpiece for Cicero’s Prez. Larry Dominick , has turned some of his “venom” on Carol Marin and the Sun Times.I’m told that Dominick’s ” street crew” are not happy that Marin had exposed the multi-millions that town attorney Del Galdo has reaped from the taxpayers. Despite favorable press years ago [...]

What was Larry’s Goon Thinking ?

Many that follow the upcoming Cicero elections know that Larry “The Groper” Dominick has been appearing before a court appointed electoral board with hopes from the objectors that Larry will be “thrown” off the ballot. That decision is still “up in the air” as the objectors have filed an appeal in court regarding the “errors” [...]