Dominick Must Thank the Feds & IRS

Cicero’s Election… Surprise to many, blame George Bush? No, blame the Feds and the I.R.S. Cicero residents were losers in the Tuesday election. Or, they think they won? Won what? More debt, more thievery? Despite numerous documented cases of voter harassment and other illegal activity by the workers for the current administration in the Town [...]

My Open Letter to Cicero Voters

Cicero Prez. Dominick Hard at Work Dominick Settled FOUR sexual harassment lawsuits costing the taxpayers about $4 million … Dear Voter and Friend, The Cicero campaigning to drain the rest of your future is almost over. The current administration has been mired in a great many suspect and out right illegal activities. It is a [...]

Right To Bear “Arms” Wins in Court

The City of Chicago has always had the strictest gun laws in the country and thanks to that, the murder rates have skyrocketed. Let there be no mistake about this, the policy of restricting gun laws does NOTHING to stem the wave of violence and murders in this once great City. In fact, we have [...]

“Pizzagate” now “Cock-a-Doodle-Do Gate ” ?

First there was the “Pizzagate”, and now… here’s another fine mess for the “Crew” in Cicero… “CockADoodleDoGate”. The heated election in Cicero has many “authorities” monitoring the activities of the precinct workers. David Orr [himself] has walked former Senator Aguilar as well as two other workers for the “Re-elect Larry Dominick campaign” out of polling [...]

Orr Should “Scrap” Next Tuesday….Vote in April

Yesterday more complaints surfaced against the C.V.A. [The Supreme Leader Dominick’s ‘Political Organization’]. Obviously those complaints aren’t loud enough and Orr’s warning was heard. So… What is Orr waiting for ? It was Orr himself who had escorted at least three people out of the polling place and had given them a warning as well. [...]

The Idiot is Still Running Wild……..Run !

Illinois Governor Quinn who’s favorable rating is less than Cicero’s prez Larry Dominick’s (amazes even me!) continues to have many shaking their heads wondering what Boy Wizard is thinking. Even the aliens that fly their U.F.O’s over the town have to shake their three heads. While some lawmakers and crime fighters across the state are [...]

False “Safest City” Claims Exposed……

Another Doozy! And the hits just keep on comin’ from Camp Dominick where all his children play with everyone else’s money. Seems that Ray “I coulda woulda shoulda been a comedian” Hanania has once again twisted the facts and once again, the crickets are chirping in the seats after the missing punchline. This time the [...]

More Back Room Deals ?

According to Cicero Town Hall sources there is a deal in the works to try and maintain the President’s chair. The current Prez. Larry Dominick knows the Feds are at his heels and it is just a matter of time before he and his street crew are swept up. Lorraine Walsh, a current trustee is [...]

Angry Resident Speaks Out ………

The Patsy George Hunter that is/was Cicero Prez.’s partner in a sewer business ( Superior Sewer Solutions ) is shown in this video campaigning for Dominick. Talk about the nerve of this guy …. Dominick gave a NO BID contract to Superior Sewer Solutions . The town paid the company over $2 million . There [...]