Another Fraud to the Cicero Residents…..

Another Fraud to the Cicero residents ! Apparently the Feds did not think this fraud was worthy of their attention. This fraud cost the residents $2.2 million and at least another $1 million in legal fees. Seems the trustees did not see a problem with this fraud so why should they be concerned about their [...]

Study on Duck Penis Length…..$384,949 !

Study on Duck Penis Length….. $384,949 According to the website, under the American Recovery and Re investments Act, (known as the “stimulus package”) our Washington wizards gave a grant to do a study on the duck penis length for reproduction. One has to wonder, is there some guy measuring the ‘package’? Testing the package? [...]

The “Hog” Gets Slaughtered

The Hog Gets Slaughtered ! “Crook County” Commissioner William Beavers was found guilty on all counts of tax evasion. The big disappointment is that he did not get on the witness stand and explain his charge that the Feds indicted him out of “spite” for not wearing a wire to trap John Daley. Was there [...]

Lion Meat Ban…..Typical Chicago Pol !

Lion Meat Ban ….Typical Chicago Pol ! State Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago wants to ban the possession, consumption, blah, blah, blah of lion meat ! His reason? [as he announced this brain storm at the Zoo] “Because its inhumane”. I don’t know, maybe I’m just nuts but is this an epidemic? Last time I [...]

Ethics Committee ? That’s For The Peasants !

ETHICS COMMITTEE? THAT’S FOR THE PEASANTS! Joe Berrios the Assessor for “Crook County” has ignored demands for answers from the Ethics Committee on why he ignored “Crook County” laws regarding the hiring of three of his family members. One could say that he hired them because he could. See, he can do things like that, [...]

Keeping ” Don Cheech” Madigan Happy ?

Help me understand……… The Feds indict Blago “early” to stop a crime; of course we have learned that any appointment needs approval anyway. “Don Cheech” Madigan was happy about this! Never argue with the “Family”, they’ll get you everytime. The “Outfit” takes those who step out of line very seriously. As you can see, they [...]

Quinn…Keeps Fighting the Constitution !

Our rather incompetent puppet Guv Pat Quinn wants Attorney General Lisa Madigan to file an appeal and fight the ban on concealed weapons. Did this man graduate at the bottom of his class? Is he this dumb? Does he not read the Constitution? Or does he just break all the laws and rules you’d wind [...]

Beavers Cries Foul….No Black Men on Jury …ummmm

Jury selection in the trial of Commissioner William Beavers seemed more than strange when he is black and not ONE juror from the Feds pool is a black man. 50 jurors were selected. What is this, the South in 1955? Can the Feds try to NOT give the race pimps any more ammo? Despite “complaints” [...]

Chicago Chief Wasting Cops Time

Chicago continues to suffer with more shootings. The latest was a 6 month old baby and her father. According to reports, the father was the intended target. The 51st Alderman A.K.A. Chicago Police Chief Mc Carthy has another new plan (because all of his others have worked so well) He wants to take your mind [...]

Goodman Confidant on Blago Appeal

Leonard Goodman, the lead attorney in Blago’s appeal has a good feeling that the case against Blago will be reversed, probably in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Goodman who has won many cases that most think were impossible. Goodman told me that he has finally received the transcripts from the trial and the more [...]