Football ……. Go Packers !

Many upsets and many surprises in recent games. Any team can win at any given time. Remember …it’s skill, luck and accurate calls. New Eng. -3.5 Jets S.D -4 Jacksonville K.C. -7 Houston Det. -3 Cincy Miami -5 Buffalo Dallas +3 Phil Carol -3 St. Louis Atl. -6 T.B Frisco -4 Tenn ( new QB [...]

Football…..Week 6

Bears off till next Sunday…. I had a horrible week 5……. Hopefully week 6 will be like week 4 ! Oakland +7.5 KC T Bay +2.5 Phil Packers -3 Balt. Det. -2 Clev Minn. -2.5 Carolina St.L +7.5 Houston Jets +1 Pitts Buff. +5.5 Cincy Tenn +12 Seattle Denver …….Should win big but too many [...]

IRS Hits Dominick’s Buddy…….Madigan’s Buddy Surfaces!

Cicero’s Pres. Buddy Hit by the IRS It is looking more and more that the Feds are getting closer and closer to indicting some town officials and some Cicero employees. The unsealed indictment this week of George Hunter the reported owner of Superior Sewer Solution opens the door to questions of kick-backs, conspiracy to cover [...]

Football ………Week 5

Today the Saints will be facing the Bears….don’t think that Cutler can keep up with the scoring though. The Packers and the Lions game will be a great game ……I am a Packers fan but don’t think they can cover the spread even though they are at home. Tennessee +3 Kansas City Miami -1 Balt. [...]