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$2 Million Fraud against the Cicero residents ? ! ?

Attention …..Inspector General …cough, cough Thought I would give you a little more to investigate ……. Ooops….A taxpayers group gave you all the proof of this fraud last year… Janurary 26, 2012 to be exact. What have you done ? NOTHING ! Nothng since those that “exposed” the fraud have never been contacted after turning [...]

What was Larry’s Goon Thinking ?

Many that follow the upcoming Cicero elections know that Larry “The Groper” Dominick has been appearing before a court appointed electoral board with hopes from the objectors that Larry will be “thrown” off the ballot. That decision is still “up in the air” as the objectors have filed an appeal in court regarding the “errors” [...]

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Cicero Attorney Michael DelGaldo has a shiny new house: Wonder how much it cost – I have heard over $3,000,000.00!  27 rooms, not counting the servants quarters – looks like a 6 car garage! Since he has billed Cicero taxpayers close to $36,000,000.00 seems that DelGaldo is living the high life off the back of [...]

Sharon attacked by team Larry?

In case you missed it: A candidate for Cicero town collector aligned with an opponent of Town President Larry Dominick said Sunday that she was assaulted while campaigning and that she suspects the attack was politically motivated. Sharon Starzyk said she was struck on the back of the head while visiting homes Friday night in [...]

Speak Up Cicero !

On a regular basis, I would like to pick a new topic for Cicero residents to comment on.  I will monitor it throughout the day for information we should expand upon. If you have any information you would like to ANONYMOUSLY share with me regarding any current issue or activity in the Town of Cicero, [...]