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The Lies and Deceit Persist…

Anyone who loves the Town, loves the good people living there and appreciates the business owners has to get involved. You have to ! When Dominick first ran for office he was “bankrolled” by the likes of now Town Attorney Mike DelGaldo and his “handlers”, and they have all corrupted the Town. Some of my [...]

Gang members and Thugs oh my!

Can you name that thug? Rumor has it that some of those pictures are gang members…the most interesting thing is that this is the first look into Dominick’s house many of us have had… Kind of like ‘Where’s Waldo’ – prizes go to those that find the guns in this picture, and if you know [...]

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Cicero Attorney Michael DelGaldo has a shiny new house: Wonder how much it cost – I have heard over $3,000,000.00!  27 rooms, not counting the servants quarters – looks like a 6 car garage! Since he has billed Cicero taxpayers close to $36,000,000.00 seems that DelGaldo is living the high life off the back of [...]

Team Larry – a sinking ship?

Is anyone else under the impression that Team Larry is a sinking ship? I would like to thank the former Larry precinct captains for coming on board to work against Larry. If you are currently a Larry precinct captain, and are wanting to jump off the sinking ship that is Larry’s campaign, contact me!