Many upsets and many surprises in recent games.

Any team can win at any given time. Remember …it’s skill, luck and accurate calls.

New Eng. -3.5 Jets
S.D -4 Jacksonville
K.C. -7 Houston
Det. -3 Cincy
Miami -5 Buffalo
Dallas +3 Phil
Carol -3 St. Louis
Atl. -6 T.B
Frisco -4 Tenn ( new QB starter )
Packers -7 Clev.
Pitts -1 Balt.
Denver -4 Indy
Minn +3.5 Giants

Today, the Bears should beat Washington ….But not much worse than playing a winless team !!!!

Good luck….Hope your favorite team wins !

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  1. Matt S says:

    What have you been up to lately Betty? Whatever happened to the book you were writing?

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