A suit filed over a year ago against the Town of Cicero officials and water commission members has been unsealed by Illinois Attorney General “Li Li” Lisa Madigan.

The suit was filed under the False Claims Act. According to a letter sent to the “filers” Madigan is demanding that all evidence continue to be kept sealed.

Those familiar with the fraud wonder why Madigan took so long to unseal the case , could it be she did not want any info leaked before the town election ?

Must remember that her brother received the insurance for the town and her powerful political father, the Illinois Speaker of the House “Don Cheech” Mike Madigan, has his buddy Mike Del Galdo as the town attorney. Funny too that wherever Del Galdo has been hired the insurance business is given to Cheech’s son.

The suit involves fraud against the town by George Hunter and a plumbing company CLOSE to the town president Larry Dominick .

According to depositions several have testified that Dominick was the real owner and this guy George Hunter was the “patsy” for Dominick.

Hunter was given an oral contract by Dominick and received more than a million dollars . According to info received, Hunter was not licensed and bonded and whatever work performed (if any) was shoddy . There are not any records that his work was approved or completed for any payment but whenever a bill from Hunter was presented to the board of water commissioners it was “rubber stamped”. Not one commissioner questioned the bills that averaged over $100,000.00 a month.

Any contract or work over $50,000 MUST be “sent out” for bids.

Dominick did NOT follow those rules.

The town attorney Del Galdo did NOT protect the residents and taxpayers of the town by enforcing the bidding process and demanding a performance bond. Guess it would be hard to get THAT when Hunter was not state licensed .

The business license officer ignored his duties and there is hand written permission by him that allowed Hunter to operate WITHOUT protecting the town and it’s taxpayers.

Hunter was indicted recently for tax evasion on the monies he received. He failed to pay any taxes.

Hunter was in federal court last week and a continuance on his tax evasion case was continued to Jan 23, 2014.

According to my sources there is a good chance that Del Galdo will be added to the suit and also the business license officer.

Del Galdo could be having his own legal problems since word on the street is that he is the unnamed attorney in the indictment of former Crook County Commissioner Mario Moreno.

Hunter could be facing up to 15 years in prison .Will he “turn” on Dominick ? Those familiar with Dominick and Hunter’s business say no, because one time Dominick stuck a gun in Hunter’s mouth and threatened to kill him .

If Del Galdo ever gets indicted will he save himself ? Most likely , yes. If the feds are looking for that Golden Goose they have found it with Del Galdo. Del Galdo has long been the mouthpiece to Don Cheech Madigan by delivering orders from the Speaker to suburban mayors.

There are conversations that malfeasance and nonfeasance of office should be filed against every official for their actions and inactions.

In the last few weeks three news outlets have called me and they have one question in common ……Why hasn’t Dominick been indicted .

Geesh…..Maybe he has the same connections Richie Daley and Madigan have.

Case info :

The complaint does not come up but the docket entries do.

Go to http://www.cookcountyclerkofcourt.org/?section=CASEINFOPage&CASEINFOPage=2400

Select Law in the box for Division Name…….
In the area of Select by Case Number enter 2012 for case year – enter L for Division Code and enter 011321 for case number then hit the Search Now button in the same area.

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