Can you name that thug?Photo Gang Duran

Rumor has it that some of those pictures are gang members…the most interesting thing is that this is the first look into Dominick’s house many of us have had…

Kind of like ‘Where’s Waldo’ – prizes go to those that find the guns in this picture, and if you know what gang symbol is being flashed you can win big!

8 Responses to "Gang members and Thugs oh my!"
  1. Bigray says:

    Betty is the liar and while she loves to attack hanania, she is the one who spent 7 years in a federal prison. Hanania played n active role in putting her there and has another lawsuit being readied by loevy to slam her pie hole shut again. Keep it coming betty. There’s nothing better than knowing we can make your pathetic lif miserable. Your sister and mother hate u and it won’t be long before ashleigh sees through your lies

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems to me that a person that can’t show their face while leaving a comment has alot to hide. Someone should wash their hands before pointing their finger!! Some people can’t handle the TRUTH

    • Anonymous says:

      show your picture – i didnt think so!
      another crook with a bad comment

  2. Betty says:


    Let’s see how they rant and rave after the indictments !

  3. er krause says:

    whoever big ray is he is threatening u and sounds like he had a few lessons in being a thug

  4. Survivor says:

    The gun is the guy on the left side of the pic. He’s a cop, like his father was. His father did a 7+ year stint in a federal prison, and he use to be the police chief. His son is a suckhole just like him. His son will surely jump the fence once fatty is gone. Too bad it won’t do him any good, he’s gonna be on the outside looking in. Just like the rest of his gang banger cronies.

  5. Betty says:


    I will be posting info on his hiring …….

    Apparently Dominick got his normal “orders” to make it happen ……

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