No matter how excited you can get over any plays completed by your favorite team none will ever be as memorable as yesterday’s win with Auburn beating Alabama in the last second of play.

Despite some of my “picks” going south I still have a better approval rating than the Obamacare website….LOL

Hope your team wins !

Minn -1 Bears
Ind -3.5 Tenn (tough game to pick though )
KC +5 Denver
Clev -7 Jacksonville
T.Bay +7.5 Carolina
Ariz. +3 Phil
Jets -2 Miami
Alt. +3.5 Buff
Frisco -8 St. Louis
N.E -7.5 Houston
S.D. -1 Cincy
Wash +1.5 Giants

N.O +4.5 Seattle

Enjoy Football Sunday !

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  1. What? says:

    Convicted felone sighting today walking around (the inside) of the Cicero Police Station today. Yes, Emil Schullo was walking around the station like he owned the place. What a insult to all the good cops. Couldn’t tell who’s head was bigger. His or his Commander (cough cough) son.

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