Football…Week 9 Already !

Remember that ANY team can win on any given day. It’s skill, luck and accurate calls ! Carolina 3 Atlanta Minnesota +10 Dallas N.O. 6 Jets St.Louis +3 Tennessee San Diego 1 Washington Oakland 3 Philly T.Bay +16 Seattle Clev. +2 Balt. Pitts +7 N.Eng. Ind. 1 Houston Packers 13 Bears

Football ……. Go Packers !

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Many upsets and many surprises in recent games. Any team can win at any given time. Remember …it’s skill, luck and accurate calls. New Eng. -3.5 Jets S.D -4 Jacksonville K.C. -7 Houston Det. -3 Cincy Miami -5 Buffalo Dallas +3 Phil Carol -3 St. Louis Atl. -6 T.B Frisco -4 Tenn ( new QB […]

Football…..Week 6

Bears off till next Sunday…. I had a horrible week 5……. Hopefully week 6 will be like week 4 ! Oakland +7.5 KC T Bay +2.5 Phil Packers -3 Balt. Det. -2 Clev Minn. -2.5 Carolina St.L +7.5 Houston Jets +1 Pitts Buff. +5.5 Cincy Tenn +12 Seattle Denver …….Should win big but too many […]

Football ………Week 5

Today the Saints will be facing the Bears….don’t think that Cutler can keep up with the scoring though. The Packers and the Lions game will be a great game ……I am a Packers fan but don’t think they can cover the spread even though they are at home. Tennessee +3 Kansas City Miami -1 Balt. […]

Football ……..Week 4

Can the Bears be real ? Could be…..But I think the Lions will knock the “wimp” Cutler out early in the game causing a Lions win…. Tennessee has been playing good ball …I think they will cover the spread easily. Remember ANY team can win at ANY given time,,,it’s entertainment….Skill, luck and proper calls cuz […]

Football…….Week 3

I have to wonder if Tennessee is for real…..And, this week two teams have “lines” like a college game ! Remember ..any team can win on any given day …’s skill, luck and hopefully accurate calls ! Tennessee -2 Minnesota -7 Tampa Bay +7 Baltimore +1.5 Dallas -3.5 N.O. -7 Detroit Pick Packers -3 Giants […]

Daley Bows Out…. Dodged a Monarchy !

Dodged a Monarchy! Billy “Put Me On The Board Of Anything And Cut Me In On The Deal And I’ll Get You Deals” Daley, brother of former Chicago “King” Richie “The Stutterin’ Prick” Daley and Crook County Commissioner John has decided to opt out of the governor’s race. Billy is definitely the smarter Daley of […]

Football Picks ……….

One of the best “things” about Sundays…… FOOTBALL ! Any team can win at any given time…the game is about skill, luck and hopefully accurate “calls”. IF I was a bettor ………… San Diego +7 Balt. -6.5 Houston -8.5 Miami +2.5 Buffalo +3 Atlanta -5.5 Packers -7 K.C. -3 Minn. +6 N.O. -3 Lions -2 […]

Football is finally here…..Woo Hoo !

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Many years ago I wrote a weekly column for a suburban newspaper …. A FEMININE GLANCE AT FOOTBALL………. Actually I had a better percentage rate than most of the high paid odds makers. My favorite QB was The “Snake” Stabler and today I still think he was/is the best QB ever. Today the game seems […]