Cicero’s Pres. Buddy Hit by the IRS

It is looking more and more that the Feds are getting closer and closer to indicting some town officials and some Cicero employees.

The unsealed indictment this week of George Hunter the reported owner of Superior Sewer Solution opens the door to questions of kick-backs, conspiracy to cover up and tax evasion.

Despite not much “fan fare” by the MSM they apparently are missing the connection of Hunter and the Cicero Town Pres. Larry Dominick.

Hunter was charged with tax evasion.

NO mention that the monies received ( almost $2 million ) were from the town of Cicero on a NO-BID contract. NO over-sight , NO proof of all work performed, and the little work that was performed was shoddy to say the least.

The business Hunter received the contract under is not licensed and bonded in the state either.

There have been numerous lawsuits against Dominick and the Town over the last several years. The depositions involved in those suits are interesting in the fact that several testified under oath that Cicero Pres. Dominick was the co-owner of the company with Hunter.

And, Hunter being a dead-beat dad that recently spent some time in a Michigan jail was able to buy a house that Dominick owned in Stickney. Paid over $100,000.00 actual value.

The matter of a “fraud” to the Cicero residents with the Sewer work and business has been a “thorn” in the side of Dominick for years. Numerous complaints of the fraud were filed with the Internal Affairs Director for the town, James Klosak.

Despite obvious violations Klosak chose to ignore the facts. Klosak has been given other issues to investigate that include some “questionable” activities and huge payouts to other businesses friendly with Dominick.

Rumor has it that Klosak went to the Feds with the “matter” of the millions paid to a hardware store though. Seems much of the “items” purchased never made it to the town. Guess, Jimmy wants to cover his ass on this one.
Dominick is not happy about this but apparently Dominick knows that firing Klosak would only bring another whistleblower lawsuit and Klosak knows way toooooooooooo much.

Klosak must be pretty busy and not able to go to the state attorney for prosecution on anything . I wonder if he has time to investigate silent partnerships in taverns. Yikes !

But all of the ghost pay rolling , including the guy living in Germany and getting paid has never been prosecuted. Klosak said at the time that he did not know if that was illegal.

November 4th in federal court there’s one lawsuit against Dominick and the town set for pre trial. Cicero taxpayers need to brace themselves for another million dollar settlement .

In June Dominick hired an Ethics Officer . Mike Kasper.


Seems this Mike Kasper was the guy that represented Dominick in an election board hearing . During the last election ,objections were filed charging that Dominick was not qualified to run for office and one of the objections was owing money to the town for business licenses etc., dealing with the same sewer company that got Hunter indicted for tax evasion.

So why Kasper ?

Oh…By the way……Kasper is Don Cheech Mike Madigan’s guy !

4 Responses to "IRS Hits Dominick’s Buddy…….Madigan’s Buddy Surfaces!"
  1. kathy richter says:

    I sure hope larry has his lawyer’s phone number on speed dial.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, they will never get Larry, To many in his pocket at US Attorney and IRS.

  3. Jorgy says:

    George Hunter is innocent…he does not owe the taxes on all that money he was paid…Larry Dominick does. George Hunter is just the fall guy…Larry controlled everything…I could make a case for it on Hunter’s behalf…I think I could prove it based on things Larry’s brother told me…I may reveal some of the reasons if people are interested, otherwise why do it?

  4. Outta cicero says:

    Betty, why dont you investigate your friend franny reitz ns her fiance anthony for their felony aggravated batteries to naperville police officers?

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