Don’t you wish if your kid was in trouble that you’d have the opportunity to make sure the judge was friendly to you and your family?

Judge Maureen Mc Intyre was appointed to preside over the trial of Richard Vanecko, the nephew in the powerful Chicago Daley Monarchy. She has ties to the Daley’s! Shocking?

According to a Sun-Times report her live in ex-husband and disbarred attorney Raymond Hehehan’s family had patronage positions for two generations going back to the old man Daley’s days. Don’t you think the judge should have disclosed that little bit of information?

Now it makes sense that Vanecko’s “shady” attorney Terry Gillespie never argued for a change of venue. Gillespie knows all about patronage. He started in the thick of it in the State Attorney’s office under former Mayor McIdiot Richie Daley. And about the time when Terry’s brother was gifted with a job at the Sec. of State’s office.

The Illinois Supreme Court shifted the case from “Crook County” to Mc Henry County. No political connections there, right? (eyes rolling)

The special Prosecutor for Koschman is Dan Webb. He is still deciding to charge others in any wrongdoing and cover ups. That will be interesting if that happens and a refreshing change of pace. Will Mrs. Koschman ever get justice for her son David who died after being attacked by the well connected Vanecko ?

It is sad how the judicial system works. A judge can have “ties” up the “wazoo” – but if the judge makes a statement that they can still be “fair” a change of venue doesn’t happen.

If a judge is golfing partners with a defendants nephew, they can still preside. How’d you like your fate in those hands?

So, why didn’t the judge offer this little “tidbit” in court? Why did Michael Sullivan, the Chief Judge in Mc Henry county not do a little interviewing and background checks?

Why give this manslaughter case to Mc Intrye that is a juvenille court judge? Yes, follow the golf cart…

This whole “justice for Koschman” has been a farce. The farce starts at “Crook County” State’s Atty. Anita Alvarez. She did nothing but stick her head in the sand. Twice she refused to charge Koschman. Was she told to “sit”? Or, should we just forget that she worked under Daley and has some powerful people to answer to? She’ll need to answer to the right people if she wants to get re-elected and those people aren’t you because many of you keep putting “them” back into office to stick it to “you”.

If the Justice department cares about justice they should be looking at her actions and inaction’s.

Looks like justice is doled out by who you know and what you know.

One can only keep Mrs. Koschman in your prayers. If there is any justice it might have to come from God not the courts!

7 Responses to "Koschman Judge Has Ties to the Daley Clan ?"
  1. YackMan says:

    Very good analysis of the case. It seems like history repeated when it involves the Daley family in matters like this.

  2. Betty says:

    It would be interesting to learn when the Daley’s FIRST contacted Gillespie.
    Will the judge recuse herself ?
    Then …where does Webb go to get a fair trial ?
    Webb should be bringing Gillespie before that grand jury ..if anyone knows the workings and dealings in the state attorney office it would certainly be Gillespie !
    A jury trial means nothing when the judge decides what evidence the jurors are allowed to hear , see and read.

  3. kathy richter says:

    I pray mrs kochman gets justice for her son. And yes the judge should recuse herself.

  4. Jorgy says:

    No different than what you can expect from the Inspector Clouseasu (inspector general) in Cicero. Illinois has a systemic problem caused by no term limits. Otherwise these people could not get away with all this.

  5. Lawman says:


    When the Feds or the IRS conduct investigations of criminal and mob connections with elected officials when they confiscate files from various municipalities (including Cicero) and some business firms that do business with these people, DO THEY USE FORENSIC AUDITING, which municipalities fail to do because they state that it cost the taxpayers too much money.

  6. Mark Buban says:

    I think they’ll have to move the case to Cuba to get any justice! I don’t think the Daley’s have any pull there…but I could be wrong.

  7. Betty says:

    The Feds did use Arthur Anderson , but if I remember correctly that firm had “problems”…..
    I can only speak for Cicero….when I sued the audtitors for not alerting the officials to the overbilling of the insurance company…their response was the town should have ordered a fraud audit……
    Kind of a lame excuse then…….And why would the treasurer that was funneling the money to his buddies and the company call for a fraud audit ?
    In my case the gvt. used the records and all investigaions from the firm we hired to investigate the company.

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