Pix…….Sen Sandoval and his “Golden Goose” Cicero Prez. Larry Dominick

I have no problem admitting when I am in error…..
A review of town expenditures actually shows that Sen Sandoval ( Puentes ) received $268,800.00 from TIF restricted funds and $20,100 from the general fund.
I reported before that the figure was $197,400 but that was an error.
Also please note this figure DOES NOT include any funds paid to him in 2012.
I believe the record shows he started to do all the “translating” in the fall or winter of 2006 .

Sandoval is more often than not at the political headquarters of Dominick. I am told from political insiders that Sanadoval , town atty Mike Del Galdo and current Town Assessor Emo Cudari meet on a regular basis in an effort to get Dominick re-elected.
While Sandoval has much to lose , the biggest loser would be Del Galdo who has made more than $30 million ….he represents the town, park districts, college and high school.
Records show that Del Galdo has received hundreds of thousands from the TIF funds too.

I really believe Sandoval should be held accountable to the residents. And, produce the documents that warranted over a quarter of a million dollars in funds earmarked for redevelopment.

Mike Del Galdo should be held accountable .

And, their “Golden Goose”, Larry Dominick needs to explain too !

20 Responses to "Oops….Sen.Sandoval and his “Golden Goose”"
  1. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    This election is so important to them because if they lose the winner just might open everything up and go after them for the money they stole. You have to vote all of them out!!!

  2. John Pila says:

    They keep looting that town soon Cicero will be like Chicago. BROKE !!!!

  3. Betty says:

    They are broke……..
    When I left there was over $70 million in the black …today they are over $300 million in the red ……….
    They have hired approx 170 workers new workers ( if the documents they produce are right ….) Mostly out of towners
    And they are not fire and police ……
    And….I think Dominick makes about $250,000.00 …prez and liquor commissioner
    Trying to get the records for that ….something like $167 pres and the rest in liquor license salary..
    When I get exact figures will post…………

  4. Carlos says:

    I was looking at the Facebook page for Larry Dominick and the Cicero Voters group and found some videos of Latino Elected Officials who have a slave mentality and want to see master Larry elected, shame on them, many former HDO people. Check out the Video so you know who NOT to vote for in the future Also they have a video with Elected Latinas talking about how good Larry Dominick is, WOW, A guy who has been sexually abusing women for years. We need to get rid of these puppet sell out politicans ,so called Hispanic Officials, When Juan wins he needs to clean house and get rid of these slobs like Marty Sandoval.

  5. Betty says:


    I prefer not to view anything Hanania drafts for the corrupt administration …….
    If the media questioned any one of those supporting Dominick they would see that they have some finanical interest or gain…..I am told that Dominick had sent workers and monies to other’s campaign or hired their friends …..
    Hopefully the Feds will clean house first !

  6. Ciceromama says:

    It would be wonderful if the Feds showed up on February 26th to clean house, but I think it is up to us citizens to do it for them. VOTE them out of office!!!! Show up at the polls and VOTE against corruption and take our town back!!!!! I don’t care if you vote for Joe or Juan just VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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