Many teams hoping for wins to clinch their division or home field.

Close to home the Bears are hoping that their wimpy Cutler will not get intercepted in the red zone. I’m thinking Cutler won’t last the whole game and will probably take himself out before half time.

Gotta love the Packers to win with Rodgers and Cobb ready to play.

Hope your favorite team wins !

Carolina -6 Atlanta
Tennessee -7 Houston
Clev +7 Pitts
Wash +3.5 Giants
Balt. +6.5 Cincy
Ind. -10.5 Jacksonville
Phil -6.5 Dallas
Miami -5.5 Jets
Det +2.5 Minn
N.E. -7.5 Buff
T.Bay +12 N.O
Den -11 Oakland
Frisco -1 Ariz
KC +10 San Diego
Seattle -11 St. Louis

Enjoy Football Sunday !

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