On a regular basis, I would like to pick a new topic for Cicero residents to comment on.  I will monitor it throughout the day for information we should expand upon.

If you have any information you would like to ANONYMOUSLY share with me regarding any current issue or activity in the Town of Cicero, please post a comment on the Cicero Confidential page where only I will be able to see it.

Or you can send me an anonymous message or tip using our online form on the Contact Us page.

Please be aware that this website is monitored daily by the Cicero Town officials, so in order to avoid any unpleasantness with Cicero Town Hall, do not identify yourself in your postings.

That’s why we set up the Screen Nickname system.  I will know who you are, but no one else will if you use your Screen Nickname.

Because I ask all people who post comments to provide their emails to me, we hope we will never see any slanderous or libelous comments for the sake of injuring personal or political enemies.  They will be taken down as soon as they are posted.

Criticism is fine.  Slander is not.

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