Football always gets more exciting in the final stretch……….

Last week the Bears coach certainly made a bad call in OT and probably the reason for the loss……Who in the heck goes for a field goal on SECOND down?
Gotta wonder if some monies are bet on the games…???!!!????

Hope your favorite team wins !

K.C. -3 Wash
Minn +6.5 Balt
Clev +10 N.E
Jets -3 Oak
Cincy -7 Indy
N.O. -3 Carolina
Det +2.5 Phil
Miami +3.5 Pitts
T.B. -3 Buff
Tenn +13.5 Denver
Ariz -5 St. Louis
S.D -4 Giants
Frisco -2 Seattle
Pack -3 Atlanta
Dallas -1 Bears

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