Many that follow the upcoming Cicero elections know that Larry “The Groper” Dominick has been appearing before a court appointed electoral board with hopes from the objectors that Larry will be “thrown” off the ballot.

That decision is still “up in the air” as the objectors have filed an appeal in court regarding the “errors” and ignoring of some evidence by the three attorney panel from Ancel, Glink and Diamond.

During the hearings at the town hall one of the candidates opposing Larry and his street crew brought his daughter and her little friend to see a part of politics and to watch and listen to the hearings.
His daughter and the other little girl sat in the back of the room while the father was called to the front to talk to the attorney’s. He was not aware what was to happen next

One of Larry’s security guys, a body builder Russian guy , had approached the little girls and told them they had to go in the other room for a “pat-down” ….the girls followed as ordered and this goon questioned them if they had any weapons or drugs !

WHAT ???????

Next this guy has the girls spread their legs and he kicked the one girls foot to make her stand wider …not any different than a pat down when arrested !

First….He’s not a cop ! Second….They are little kids ! Third ..I’m told he did not pat down or harrass anyone else attending the hearing.

A big lawsuit for sure !

Heads up to Chuck Goudie from Channel 7…..
Several mmonths ago when you did a story you were told by Larry and his mouthpiece
X-Ray Hanania that Larry does not have ANY security when in reality he had this goon and also others ….In fact, Larry ordered all the security to disappear when the A Team showed up … time you might want to go unannounced !
And….some of his security that was fired told me and others that as security they had to do personal errands for the Groper and his wife at the time.

Larry still likes to tell the story that he and Hanania “duped” Channel 7…..

Another lawsuit for sure !

9 Responses to "What was Larry’s Goon Thinking ?"
  1. Jorgy Nondeplumb says:

    Saw your facebook. Always funny stuff. Would like to add that if Larry were in school taking those tests the schools are rated on (ISAT), the school system would be even closer to the 779th – ha ha

  2. Gary l. Feeney says:

    Couldn’t the people of Cicero band together and get a class action suit together and sue Larry for making them look like fool’s?

    • joel serrano says:

      this guy is a total piece of sh** he is a garbage, he does not deserve to even work for cicero representing law enforcement..the real police officers do not like him at all…he is not allowed in the police dept..fro what i hear..i have said it before this garbage needs to go…

  3. Betty says:

    Gary …the people of Cicero have to band together and get his “butt” out of there and the other members of his “crew” will be gone too !

  4. Bigray says:

    Betty is the liar and while she loves to attack hanania, she is the one who spent 7 years in a federal prison. Hanania played n active role in putting her there and has another lawsuit being readied by loevy to slam her pie hole shut again. Keep it coming betty. There’s nothing better than knowing we can make your pathetic lif miserable. Your sister and mother hate u and it won’t be long before ashleigh sees through your lies

  5. Betty is a liar. I read her stuff for laughs. The feds are investigating her activities and soon her circus ill be shut down. Larry Dominick is going to win the election big ime and once again the convicted felon betty will be exposed. She’ll be begging for jobs and flipping pizzas again very soon

  6. Betty says:

    Ray and Observor…see my response to your other “comments”
    Only thing to add is………….
    Making my list of those to be deposed now !!!!

  7. Leslie Moravcik says:

    How does Larry Dominick get away with all of his illegal dealings for so long? His many under handed dealings and lies just seem to go on and on with no end in sight. I use to live in Cicero but have moved to a better area out of state now. Glad I am away from there with the above still in office. Keep us updated Betty.

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